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August 16th, 2008

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August 1st, 2008

ah! i'm voice bloggginn (: @ 08:33 pm

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“my first voice blog. yay !”

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July 6th, 2008

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one day there was a nerdish boy named dustin. he had no friends and his family made him chop wood in his backyard for no CHA CHING. but one day, there was a dinner at his house, and everyone in the town was invited. there was mosh pits and disco balls that made everybody happy. dustin was trying to sneak in a dance before his family told him to get back to choppinn, and he started to get too excited. dustin got into the "drinking mood" and totally got wasted . first he chained his family up so he could continue to party it up. then he got on the table, ripped his shirt off, and started to belly dance for everyone. they all cheered, especially this girl he adored. KRISTINE. she was a popular and hung out with all the jocks, and of course, dustin was no jockk! But he had been trying to get wit herr for his whole life. he could never get her outta his mind. she was blonde with blue eyes, and had been on the cheerleading squad for years. but poor dustin and his suspender-wearing-self,  would never have a chance to be with her. EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
until that night..... :O

dustin got off the table and crowd surfed all the way to kristine. she smiled at him and asked him for his name. he didn't even have a voice to tell her! she got freaked out and walk away. dustin collasped and cried and got even more drunk to try to forget that moment. but it was imposible. suddenly! there was a big poof of colorful dust that lit the room, and everyone but him and kristine were frozen in place. and then she ran to him and gave him a big ol' smooooch on the cheek. he was so shocked he puked on her dress and they both scrubbed it all off in the bathroom. then, dustin went outside and went over by the smoke. then two fat fairies appeared! their names were lola and gretal, and they want to help out poor dustin. "we have come from the fat fairie company to help you with girl problems!" they said. dustin was amazed, and delighted. he thank the two fatties and started to run back inside. gretal and lola were too fat to run after him and tell him that he only had one night with kristine, and then she would disapear, or he could never of had that night with her, and she would stay forever! but they didnt care. they were old and saggy anyway.
later that nightttttttttttttttttt....(an hour left !)

dustin loved kristine, but he didn't know how to tell her. but they did have fun. they watched tv and told stupid jokes and had stories to tell. they couldn't keep their eyes off each other! they went to the beach and made babies in the sand. BEEEEENG. time was up then. Dustin was greedy and didn't give up that one night that he had with her. if he would of, he could of had her forever. so t get rid of Kristine, they made her have her babies, and then drowned her in the sea. 

From then on, dustin had 8 girls. belle augustana julie georgeta kaylie gina arin and sabbath. then he abused them all and he was put in jail for life and the girls took over and started a charity and found a cure to the bird flu. HAPPY ENDING